I am known to my friends, family and professional circuit as Vijay Chandru. At birth, June 7th 1953 at St Martha’s Hospital in Bangalore,  I was named Hoodi VijayaChandra Reddy. “Hoodi” is my ancestral village (map below),  Vijayachandra my given name, and Reddy our family caste name. Since I am the only son of the oldest son (Hoodi G. VijayaRaghava Reddy) of the last patriarch Hoodi R. Guruva Reddy of Hoodi, I feel the need to leave some association with Hoodi – hence Hoodiblog. In the map below, the tagged Swamy Vivekananda Ashram is run by a family trust that I am a trustee of. The place was built by my grandfather who lived on the premises after my grandmother passed away in the early 70s.

Hoodi AshramaI consider myself as one of Hoodi’s early organic contributions to the ICT sector in Bangalore. As the map indicates, Hoodi is plumb next to the ITPL park where the IT boom in Bangalore was seeded in 2000.


Engineer-Academic Researcher-Entrepreneur rolled into one. Here is the CV if you need to know details http://bit.ly/16DDHBU

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